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DC SUPPLY CA INC, is dedicated to the exclusive commercialization of products of excellent quality. With over five years of experience in the State of Florida, we have developed a company culture that encourages: Respect, honesty, loyalty, responsibility, humility, and gratefulness. Thanks to this and the excellent relationship with our clientele we have successfully expanded at a steady pace since our launch.


Our vast distribution network allows us to work efficiently with our importing clients in developing their image in the united states, and assuring that their product becomes available to retailers across North America.


To become a leading company in the distribution of high-quality products in the United States.




 Providing high-quality products and services that meet the needs of consumers, through commitment and good relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees.




Currently, we are the U.S. distributor of the Pegatanke brand. Which includes its three main products:


  • Pegatanke Epoxy (Black)

  • Pegatanke Epoxy (White)

  • Pegatanke PVC/CPVC






Pegatanke is a high-quality cold welding Epoxy glue, commonly known as an Epoxy of two components. In contrast to the majority of the Epoxy in the market, Pegatanke can be applied to any surface (Such as plastic, wood, MDF, PVC, metals, glass, ceramics, etc). 


This offers many advantages, such as not having to purchase multiple Epoxy glues for different surfaces or purposes thanks to Pegatanke’s versatility. Pegatanke even adheres and dries underwater. Which allows for on-site immediate reparations, even if it’s one heavy and large objects. In a moment when you have to resolve matters quickly, Pegatanke is the best option.


•    Has a resistance to high temperature,     it supports over 572°F (300 ° C).

•    Strong tolerance to impacts.

•    under sunlight: dries in half an hour.

•    In shade: dries in an hour and a half.

•    Dries under water.

•    Resists gasoline

•    Resists hydraulic oil

White Pegatanke Epoxy, was developed overall to be applied to surfaces that need to be aesthetically conserved. Such as bathrooms, boats, fridges, washing machines etc. Although the black version of Pegatanke Epoxy works just as well for these purposes, it is not as aesthetically appropriate for these cases due to its color. For this reason, the white version of Pegatanke Epoxy is ideal to satisfy these purposes.


•    Has a resistance to high temperature,     it supports over 482°F (250°C).

•    Strong tolerance to impacts.

•    Under sunlight: dries in 45 minutes.

•    In shade: dries in two hours.

•    Dries under water.


  • It can be used in low-pressure and high-pressure applications.

  • Does not require a chemical cleaner or primer to be applied to PVC pipes – CPVC

  • It can be applied with water flow, (it is not necessary to cut the water passage), the water does not drag the glue.

  • Hold temperature up to 212° F, maximum recommended use of 176 °F

  • Dries underwater

  • Has a built-in applicator

  • The glue can be used inside tanks with water (apply the product on the pipe or connection outside of the tank, submerge and place it on the pipe to be repaired). It is recommended to leave 8 hours before circulating the water by this method pipeline repair.



  • What do I have to do to sell your products?

        In order to inquire about becoming a DC Supplier, please contact us          at jobs@dcsupplyus.com.


  • I would like to submit a product to DC Supply for their consideration, where can I send my product details to?

       Please e-mail us at info@DCSupplyUS.com with your

       product details.


  • Do you distribute in my area?

       Contact us at info@DCSupplyUS.com with your store information            and we will get in touch with you in regards to distribution

      or order information.


  • I would like to purchase Pegatanke for my personal use, where can I purchase it?

        If it is for your personal use you are welcome to input your location         on the map provided below where you can locate the

       closest retailer near you.


        (For purchase outside of the State of Florida please contact us at:              info@DCSupplyUS.com)







Tel: 877-776-7070